Katie - the inspiration

 In 1998 in an apartment complex parking lot our founder, Sherry Clingan noticed a stray dog. As a nurse it was second nature for her to check on the well being of the animal. Realizing the dog was emaciated and weak from hunger she bought kibble from a grocery store and offered it to the starving animal. To her surprise the dog seemed to not recognize the kibble as food and refused to eat.

Unable to locate an owner or find a family to take her Sherry adopted Katie, her first dog, and set out on a journey to bring her back to health. Perplexed by the dogs refusal to eat and concerned about her weight Sherry asked around and soon found herself at the local feed store. What she discovered at that feed store was higher quality kibble, not available at the grocery store. Katie loved the new food and as a result gained back the much needed weight. In a subsequent move to San Diego Sherry discovered a new norm of feeding fresh raw food to pets. Katie, and new pack member Joss, thrived on fresh, raw food. This set the stage for a new passion and what is now the K-9 Kitchen. The name is synonymous with Katie’s instinct that dog food comes from the kitchen.

 Through her experience with Katie our founder understands the challenge of navigating the endless options of pet food. She is passionate about sharing what she’s learned over the years, especially for first time pet owners.  Though Katie is only with us in spirit now her essence and image is captured in every part of the store and the logo, forever an ambassador for good food, good fun and good company.